Currently Coveted #1


You ever want something so badly that you can taste it? Well that’s how I’m feeling about my currently coveted items. They are great staple pieces to build on any transitioning wardrobe. It’s been so long since I’ve had a good shopping session, so I’m starting off simple with a warm and long coat for when the weather cools down, comfy boots to kick around in, even a little something dandy and feminine to where around the house after a long day. As I’ve said in previous post, I don’t believe in one tried and true place to get all of you fashion necessities and desires, so shop around you never know what might tickle you fancy and make on you coveted list. Stay tuned for more coveted posts coming.

Currently Coveted: Coat | Hat |Sweater (soldout)| Bra & Panty |Bag | Boots


Blended Season

It’s getting more and more chilled as the month wears on. I guess it should be expected here on the east, more the reason why I need to run as fast as I can, westward hoooo!

Blended Season

Left: Osmo Sweater – Pullover/ Band of Outsiders – Cotton-Chambray Shirt/ 3.1 Phillip Lim – Biker Vest/ 2nd One Women’s – Floral Jean Pants/ Zara – Pointed faux Patent

Right: Osmo Sweater – Pullover/ Band of Outsiders – Cotton-Chambray Shirt/ 3.1 Phillip Lim – Biker Vest/ French Connection – Lilly Denim Skinny Jeans/ Senso – Bertie Booties

Love, Cay Ferg

Keeping It Independent

Hey Guys!

This week another great holiday is coming up, I thought I’d share a few of my top picks to make the day go smooth and for me to stay cool.

4th of July Pick's

1. All Stars & Stripes Crop / 2. Picnic Basket / 3. Red Polka Dot Dress / 4. Super Sunglasses/ 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Star Studs  / 6. H & M Cut Off Shorts / 7. Saint Laurent Leather Duffle / 8. Ankle Strap Sandals

What do you have planned for the 4th?

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Happy Monday!

Cay Ferg

Wishes Listed

I don’t know about you guys but nice weather has become somewhat of an obsession for me.

Aside from the Coachella Music Festival approaching, (not that I’m going), everyday I find myself wishing that I will wake up and walk outside to the most amazing weather, like all those on the west coast have been experiencing for weeks now.

Here’s a few things I’ve really been lusting over and dreaming about literally.


My list is way larger than the five items I’m sharing with you all above. But never the less these are the top five. When will I attain these items, I have no idea, hopefully soon.

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What’s on your spring wish list?

Love, Cay Ferg

What to Wear II – Valentine Day

After my last what to wear post for valentine’s day I thought of two more options for those who don’t really care for the “tradition” red look. Options below are classic and still make a statement, you one wold still get the stares as your seated at dinner with good-looking arm candy (ie your date) or if you go at it alone and have diner with yourself. I’ve definitely done that before.

Nude Love

Keep it clean and nude is always a good alternative to any color. Black for the sophisticated you that wants to keep more to the imagination. Lace.


All looks are created by me check them and more out here

Have you decided on what you’re going to wear yet?

Love, cay ferg