Hump Day Inspiration: Bloggers

I know this post should probably be about the next era, the 1940s, and I will post that next week, but I felt this story would be more inspiring.

So, I’ve been following these three lovely ladies for sometime. I adore their blogs and how they have joined forces creating a world for every blogger to aspire to. I’m talking about international fashion bloggers…

Andy Torres from Mexico

Carolina Engman from Sweden


Chiara Ferragni from Italy

They’ve come together from different parts of the world and formed a concept brand called Werelse located in Milan.

Sorting through much inspiration and jam packed with ideas, these ladies are making things come to life. Recently featured in Teen Vogue, their lastest collabo is with Mango Touch launching an accessories line

which is available at the Werelse E-Store.

For more info on these ladies check out their blogs:

Andy Torres of Style Scrap Book ι Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad ι

Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad

– vederti