Fight the Fall


The weather is getting cooler, which means its time to think change my hair care routine, meaning more moisture and protecting my ends from the elements. I don’t know about you all but last winter was a bit rough on my locks. It seemed like no matter what I did, my strands and I struggled. This time around I better prepared and have a plan in place.


Here’s a 3 major steps, I have in mind:

1. Hold My end up.

With all the different fabric, and cool fashion, they can be detrimental to my strands mostly the ends, and I do not want any undesired breakage, just because I didn’t take the time to put my hair up more than I wear it down. Buns and halo twists, and going to be my new bff.

2. Sealing those ends.

This summer I will honestly admit that I have not been moisturizing and sealing my ends as I should. Shame on me, seriously. Plan of action I have a wash regimen that I’m toying with and I will moisturize and seal every other day or as needed post wash day until the next wash day. Castor oil I will be giving you another shot, and I’m thinking of purchasing some raw shea butter, it’s just a though.

3. Pre-poo Treatment.

Now I don’t shampoo my hair often if at all, as long as I don’t mix two products that don’t get along. But I will “pre-condition” my hair with coconut oil and maybe some grapeseed oil and olive oil before co washing and deep conditioning. I know it sounds like an extra process but it’s really not, plus the added benefits of using these oils makes it all worth the time.

Again these are just a few major points I slacked off with last year and I vow to do better this year.


Love Cay Ferg

Hair: Regimen’d Staples

I’ve got to start somewhere and for my journey to be successful I must have a rock hard stable regimen and schedule and stick to it. For Real.

The Schedule.

  1. Moisturize and seal everyday twice a day
  2. Cleansing Co-wash once a month
  3. Co-wash every two weeks
  4. Deep Condition every two weeks
  5. Massage Scalp every 2-3 days
  6. Protein Treatment (as of right now I’m focusing on moisture, I’ve never had a problem with protein and what it does for my hair one way or another. So until further notice I will not have any protein in my regimen)

-> Hair will be style in a end-protecting way, (i.e. bun, mini-twist, medium twists, etc). On the weekend or for a special occasion will my hair be out.

My must haves list.
I don’t use shampoo. I find that it dries my hair out more than I would like and I find it to be one less step in my regimen to undertake.

Conditioners & Deep Conditioners:
I’m kind following the CG Method, but I don’t like my hair when it’s in a wash and go style, yet. So I twist it a lot.
VO5 Strawberry & Cream Conditioner (co-wash)
Tresemme Natural Conditioner (leave-in, detangle)

Grapeseed OIl
EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)
Organic Coconut Oil
Caster Oil*
Almond Oil*
Jojoba Oil*
My fluffy shea butter mixture
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (smells awesome and I always get compliments when I use it in my hair.. SCORE!)
****(update: I still use the above mentioned products with new oils added that has an asterisk)****

Moisture Strategy:
I have a tendency to be a bit heavy-handed when it comes to moisturizing my hair so I’ve come up with a plan. Having come across the L.O.C. (L – liquid, O – oil or butter c – cream) Method on Curly Nikki here, the point is to layer the levels of moisture and make sure it’s all locked in, I’m going to employ this method oil using about a dime size to a nickel size amount. That way I’m not putting too much product on my hair, that’s not absorbed and I’m not wasting products, because time are hard right now and all the products I have must last til I can re-up again. Being natural is easy but it’s definitely not cheap.

My hair goals for this year

  • Retain the majority of my length by protective styling and very low manipulation; I’m tempted to try the wash and go method, ever so amazing demonstrated by a fellow natural Mahogany Curls video here(On average my hair grows 6 inches a year)
  • Be heat free (Last heat application Nov 2012)
  • Use products I know work for my hair (See the list above)
  • Officially start a workout regimen, promoting all-over-health
  • Reduce my splitting ends by sealing more often
  • Increase my water intake to keep my scalp hydrated

Although I’m not looking for any new products, I am open to hearing about them for future reference. So if you have something to share or recommend I’m all ears.

What does your regimen consist of?

Love, cay ferg

Hair: Natural History

If you haven’t figured out already I’m a bit of a shy person. Yeah Right!

BC june 22 2010- title

HA ha, bet you never saw that picture of me before. Well you’re not alone, no one has.

So you’ve noticed I’ve been posting things hair and within those posts I keep referencing myself, have you?!. Well, I am a NATURAL. Yes, all my body parts are natural but in this instance I’m talking about my hair. I no longer put a chemical relaxer in my hair. I have been apart of the natural hair community for almost officially 3 years now. When I started on this journey I thought it would be cool to document it through blogging and YouTube. But then I stopped. One reason because I didn’t think I had much to share since I was just starting out and didn’t know what I was doing. The second reason was the shy thing, I would make these videos and keep them to myself, I mean yes I shared them on my old YouTube channel gained a following but still felt like an amateur which I guess I really was. Then there was the equipment, video quality, etcetera, etc. Fast Forwarding to the here and now. I have the tools, the knowledge the equipment and skills to make some bad ass (excuse me french) video. And we’re going to start from the beginning, if you don’t mind.

Here’s the history:

Transitioning- feb2010

The transition: (pictured above is during the transition, after the second mini chop I did)

Ladies with relaxed hair is just a beautiful as ladies with natural hair. It’s about the upkeep. Relaxed hair can be healthy as long as it’s taken care of and not taken for granted. Just like people with relaxers, people with natural hair can experience breakage, split end, heat damage, and chemical damage (for those who like to dye their natural hair). Everyone has to do what’s right for them.

I will admit I did like my relaxed hair, it was healthy and long at one point. More often than not I didn’t take care of my hair which resulted in some bad, bad breakage issues and I began to strongly dislike my hair, because of my own doing.

When I made the decision to transition I was at a time in my life where I needed things to be very simple and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with myself, in life. When I thought about relaxing my hair it was like another daunting task, I already didn’t think that my hair was where it should be and I didn’t really have the funds to purchase the relaxer, (I self relaxed my hair since I was 12). One day I found the YouTube natural hair community. I saw one video about a girl transitioning, then another and another. So as of December of 2009 I made the decision to transition. I was determined to go the long haul and be a long-term transitioner.

3 month post bc

March 2011 9 month post bc

After the CHOP: (both pictures above are after the big chop right after I took out a protective style of kinky twists I worn)

So I just mentioned, When I first started I was determined to be a long-term transitioner, I had a calendar all planned out and I was on a roll. Come six months down the road, I decided that I was ready to just chop it all off and get use to working with on texture of my natural. So I did it. I BIG CHOPPED (see picture captioned at the top) June 2010. My reaction, was ‘WOW’, I’ve never seen myself with such short hair and I felt a bit naked. Then I was like what am I going to do with it. Other’s reactions, well they were and still are very supportive.

I thankfully haven’t had any negative comments. It’s all about encouragement and the most encouraging of the bunch is my sister, whom has relaxed hair. There was a point when I hit month four of my transition, I was so ready to chop all my hair off, as soon as I hit some tangles in my hair, she reminded me that, “I knew this could happen, so I needed to just be patient, tangles can come out, just relax…” So I did. Thanks Big SIS!

Sept 2011 1yr 3 mo post bc


Now: (top picture just after the on year mark. below picture is from December 2012)

I love my hair and it seems to be the first thing people notice when they meet me and I’m okay with that. I think is should give her a name, since it has its own personality, ha ha. My hair has flourished since December 2009 and I have never looked back not once. My hair has grown so much. I look forward to longer and even strong hair that I already have.

Here’s a few places you can find me and my hair shenanigans:


Of course, Instagram



Naturalsunshine. ning

By the way is anyone on VINE?? I signed up to give it a whirl so find me @lovecayferg there as well.

I guess this is it for now if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Thanks as always for sticking around. Talk to you guys later!

Love, cay ferg