5 ways to look your BEST back to school

Back to School

Oh back to school. I miss these days. This is when you should be all consumed with what’s to come in the new school year but instead all you can think about is looking your best the first couple of days. It’s funny how fashion consumes you at such a young age.

Now, not everyone has the largest budget for back to school shopping, heaven knows I didn’t growing up, so the ideal plan for those on a budget is to get essential items that will take you through the first few months or more. Here’s my list of must have essentials:

  •  A great pair of jeans that can be worn all seasons. These are the jeans that fit you the best and can be dressed up or down.
  •  An awesome pair of sneaks that are comfy and universal. There’s nothing worse than having a pair of sneakers that look good but make your feet at like no other or a pair that you love, but they only look good with one outfit.
  •  A steady and  forgiving bag. Let’s be honest, as the year rages on we tend to be rough with our bags. So whether you choose to go the backpack route or just a shoulder bag, be sure that it’s one that you love and that it will last you for the whole school year.
  • Notebook  personal style. School = learning and learning = knowledge. Homework is something will never get away from, even in college, so why not write notes or complete assignments in something cool that shows off your personal style. Boring five-star notebook note taking is a thing of the past. There are do many DIY ideas out there I’m sure you can come up with something that speaks to you.
  • Accessories. These are pieces of you. Accessorizing your back to school look can be a daunting take if you let, I say DON’T!  A simple watch, cool yet affordable sunnies, statement earrings and a favorite bracelet is a great start. Keep it simple and unique to your style and budget.

Back to school can be stressful, if you let it. Remember you don’t need everything right away and there’s always a way to get what you want when working with a budget. Make a list your essentials, keeping in mind the changing season that to coming and go from there.

Best of luck to all of you for this school year!!