Top: Alexander Wang | Denim: Gap | Shoes: Rachel Comey Mars | Bag: J. Crew | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Necklace: J. Crew | Ring: Repossi Berbère

Corn beef and cabbage please. Today is not only a holiday of sorts for the people of Ireland and this of Irish decent, two years ago today, thus far, my life has changed for the better. I’m celebrating an anniversary. I’m super excited, thankful and looking forward to things getting better and better as time passes


Will you be part taking in green beer today?

Love, Cay Ferg

Lim & Target Collide!

Lim for Target

If you haven’t heard or read it somewhere. Let me be the one to confirm its true. Phillip Lim is doing a collection for target. How exciting! Now you can really have you dose of world-renowned designer on your budget. 3.1 Phillip Lim bags usually run in the $800s, now unless I really like something I can’t bring myself to pay that kind of money. For Target these bags will be a mere $35 bucks!! I hate math so I can’t tell you the exact percentage you’d save, but daaammn it’s a whole lot.

They will be available in stores and online about September 15th so mark you calendar ladies and gents.

Love, Cay Ferg

Leather, Leather & Leather?!

In the spirit of all this leather talk and thoughts.

Leather & Metal

If  I have to choose my favorite items of this set hands down it would be the Senso Bertie booties, they also come in a snake-skin texture, to die for. I am pretty fond of the jeans as well but those are instant thrift find and diy. HEY! that’s an idea. I’ll keep you posted. Lastly the YSL Biker Jacket, a love but It will have to stay on the rack, a bit to rich for my blood.

How would you style thee must have leather jacket?

Love, Cay Ferg

Dainty Minimalist


Hey dainty cuties! I don’t know about you but all summer I’ve been the ultimate minimalist. I’ve avoided the iron and the necessity to tie any laces. I just felt like that less I had to do the better and the more efficient I would be. When coming to accessorizing my summer style I pretty much stayed with the one tone.

White gold and silver. One wrist adorn my watch and the other a single small and simple bracelet, like you see below.

Danty Minimalist



Late christmas (Dec 2012), I received a bracelet by Alex and Ani. Mine adorns a butterfly and some other charms, but unfortunately one night I had fallen asleep with it on and when I awoke the butterfly broken (::sad face::). Half of it is still attached to the bracelet and I’ve been wearing this bracelet all summer, regardless. Maybe I can get a new one for my birthday which is in a few weeks. Man, this summer has flown by!


What’s your staple accessory for summer 2013?
Love, Cay Ferg


What to wear – Valentines Day

Valentines’ Day. Some of us are still looking to make plans and others like me already have plans for Valentines’ Day no matter what we should all put a little effort into looking special whether its for yourself, for your date or your 60″ plasm.

Be the one that catches all the eyes in the restaurant from everyone with this look.

Dinner in Red


Spending time with your girlies or bestie doesn’t mean you have to look the part, make it a girls date night. Get fixed up and show off you style.

Love the ladies


If its a night at home because you want this time to focus on just loving you here’s an idea.

Home love

All the looks were created by me check them out and more here

Which look tickles your fancy?


Love, cay ferg

Weekend Wrap Up

Hey Guys!

How was your weekend?

I got to hang out with “BS” and it was like an Asian weekend, Chinese Friday and Thai on Saturday. Yummy yummy in my tummy, I have a real weakness for Asian cuisine.


If you follow me on instagram you already know what else I’ve been up to this past weekend.



(these photos are from my insta-life)

YUP. I’m been scratching the mess out of my DIY itch, mostly geared towards jewelry at the moment, although I do have many, many ideas for home decor DIY projects. First, I would like to thank all those who’ve offered up their opinion from my last post. I still want all the chains I posted but for Valentines’ Day I’ve decided to go the DIY route.

It’s amazing how you can take something that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear and turn it into something FANTASTIC. I made the necklace that I think will look exceptional with my outfit. Special thanks to my dear friend “BS” for helping me to find the finishing touches this weekend.

Did you see any funny commercials yesterday if you watched the super bowl? Are there any Raven or 49er fans out there following me?

I have to say the game was a bit of bore. It was like the 49ers were handing the trophy over to the Ravens without a fight. But after that Half time SF came back with a vengeance and the game began to gain momentum and interest, besides the fact that there was a freak power outage, which all over my personal Facebook there was talk of the Illuminati and others reasons. I say maybe Beyonce’s show was very lighting effect heavy, ha ha. I’m just saying.

Stay tuned for the next post finished photo and detail of my DIY adventure as well as what I’ve finally decided on what I’m going to giveaway.

Love cay ferg

00 Seven

I know it’s Christmas Day but per usual I can’t get New Years off my mind. I’ve secretly wanted to dress in a tux to ring in NYE, but I have yet to do. Maybe 2013? I’m still thinking of what I may do to ring in the luck and unlucky for some number 13.

00 Seven
00 Seven by cferg featuring chanel

Mango tux jacket
$115 –

Acne tux pants

Princesse tam tam lingerie bra
$52 –

Christian louboutin shoes

Enamel bangle

Silver bangle bracelet
$40 –

$555 –

Chanel lip makeup

Do you already know what you’re doing for NYE? Tell me I’d love to know.

Love, cayferg

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