Shades of Summer

With it actually being summer in some parts of the US and the rest of us are day dreaming about warmer days ahead, I’m talking to you my fellow east coaster people, I can’t help but to pass the time with filling up online shopping carts of all the things that’ll enhance my summer experience for twenty fifteen.


This is just an sample of my list for MUST haves of the summer. Specs are important whether you’re trying to protect your eyes from the UV rays or just want a cool new staple accessory to flaunt. At least one of these three Sunglasses should be on you person at all times.

The first two, Zig and My Girl are from a cool shop, called Quay Australia. They have loads more sunglasses to choose from that I would personally be stoked to rock but these two are on the top of the list for me.

Last but certainly not least, my forever favorite sunnies by Ray-Ban the Classic G-15 Aviators. Come on, gold frames and awesome green tint, they go with EVERYTHING! Side Note: My obsession with gold is far from over and it just intensifying as time wades on.

If you want to save a few bucks shop Quay Australia, but if splurging is your speed then get them all.

Remember, the sun will come out tomorrow… you know the rest. Happy Shopping!

  • Cay