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Love, Cay Ferg

Obsession: Skin

Smooth, unique and undefinable.

You ever have a moment when you’ve just stepped out of the shower or as your  moisturizing yourself , you stop in amazement of how lovely your skin is? Even for a brief moment? I know I have. I really took notice the day after I made my first purchase at Sephora. The sales rep enthusiastically expressed how lovely she thought my skin was. I’m sorry are you talking to me? is what I thought in my head. All I could notice was the acne that  had been trying to clear up and the new ones that were forming in. I was and still am pretty critical about my face, but I’m also a work in progress. My body as a whole, I adore.

Obsessionskin (1 of 1)

That’s right I’m talking about the milk chocolate skin I was born in. It took me a while to really appreciate what myself and what I have. But now that I do, I expect nothing less from anyone else.

Don’t get me wrong all skin tones are just a beautiful. In my immediate family alone we are of many shades and tones. I am only speaking from my own experience. Regardless what of you may be experiencing with your skin, starting today love it and I guarantee it will love you back.

 LOVE the skin you’re in!

Tell me, what you love about you?

The boudoir photo way taken by me, (minimal editing just a filter and background blur).

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Love cay ferg

Envy On M Lips

What and envious year we have a head of us.

Already the first official week of the new year is at it’s hump day. I hope the week is going splendid for you all.

Emerald Lips

Saint tropez
$64 –

Nudie Jeans Co. straight jeans
$195 –

Mata trader
$46 –

Silver ring

Lime Crime lip makeup

Most people make resolutions I make lists of thing I would like to get done in the near future. I’m working on that now as I read a book I’m been procrastinating on read from some time now. More detail when I finish the book.

Do you have your New Year’s resolution locked up tight? or Do you make lists like me?

Love, cay ferg

Emerald City

Just a bit of inspiration for the new year since 2013 Pantone color is Emerald. Once found out I headed straight to Polyvore and the creative juices started flowing.


Emerald City

L K Bennett l k bennett
$120 –

Opening ceremony

Cole haan

$13 –

I hope you all enjoyed.

What inspires you?

Love, cay ferg

00 Seven

I know it’s Christmas Day but per usual I can’t get New Years off my mind. I’ve secretly wanted to dress in a tux to ring in NYE, but I have yet to do. Maybe 2013? I’m still thinking of what I may do to ring in the luck and unlucky for some number 13.

00 Seven
00 Seven by cferg featuring chanel

Mango tux jacket
$115 –

Acne tux pants

Princesse tam tam lingerie bra
$52 –

Christian louboutin shoes

Enamel bangle

Silver bangle bracelet
$40 –

$555 –

Chanel lip makeup

Do you already know what you’re doing for NYE? Tell me I’d love to know.

Love, cayferg

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Mixing of FLAVORZzzzz

Hey folks!!

Serious question. Do you think that the peplum style will fade next year?

mixing of FLAVORZzzzz

AX Paris floral top
$24 –

Bodycon skirt

Mi Lajki short necklace
$22 –

Alexis bittar
$115 –

Dannijo jewelry

Yellow gold earrings


Just from observation I haven’t seen too many people on that band wagon for some months now. I happen to fancy it and I have a dress that I will DIY so it can be a contender when I narrow down my NYE option.

Do you have any what you’re going to wear to ring in the new year?

Love, cay ferg




White bodycon dress
$32 –

Religion Clothing biker jacket
$610 –

Christian Louboutin suede pumps

Adjustable ring
$10 –

$39 –

False eyelash


What more is there to say. Refine makes super fine. I’m crushing on the lipstick and it is definitely on my must have list, especially for me not being in to make up so much, (more so because I don’t think I know I’m doing, but that’s another story for another day), I love the way it looks on others and I think it will be the red for me.

Does anyone have it? If so how do you like it?

Love, cayferg

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