Let’s make it clear that I don’t claim to be a guru and the end all be all. I can and I am ONLY sharing with you what I know from my personal experience. I have been natural for a few now and I still feel like I’m learning my hair as well as getting the hang of taking the best care of my hair so it can reach its potential and beyond; which I think we’re all capable of if you want it bad enough and I know I SURE DO!

To me, these are the 3 key things for healthier longer stronger hair, whether, you are relaxed or natural and for the transitioners. Since my time I know there is a whole new wave of newcomers on the scene. WELCOME!


(this is a photo of me, I know my hair is looking rough, ode to the summer months.)

1. Moisturize – I know how my hair responds to moisture and I have yet to employ this step regularly. Shame on me.

This is VERY IMPORTANT & NECESSARY in any hair care regimen! No matter what hair you have especially for African-Americans our hair tends to be dry and brittle, and will snap or break off, thus leading to shorter hair. Moisturized hair has elasticity, so when stretched it won’t breaking off so easily. Also we can’t forget to seal in the moisture with an oil, butter or cream (whatever you may be comfortable with).

I don’t know about you but my hair absorbs moisture like no other, so besides the water our bodies already have and what we may consume, without sealing in that moisture, it will escape the strands, therefore, causing dryness and breakage. There are some of us that don’t have very porous hair, which is okay, but it’s just as important for those of you to hold on to as much moisture in you hair as possible too. Remember the natural oils (like, olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil etc.) will help improve the health of your hair. Moisture and seal daily!

2. Protect – How do you expect to hold onto or retain anything if you are not protecting what you have. Many people protect their natural hair in many different ways. I, myself have been a fan of protective styling. I’ve gotten down with the kinky twists, yarn braids and mini twists (thanks to the lovely ladies I follow on YouTube). I’m just working on the putting on my head tie at night (laziness is a…..)

You MUST protect your hair! Reduce hair manipulation/combing, cut back on heat use, or keep the hair up and off of the shoulders. Having your hair out seems nice now and the ladies you watch on YouTube can do that because they have a regimen in place and they are regularly protecting the locks. So, if you can’t afford and protective style to put you hair away buns, clipped up/updo’s, are always a goo alternative, it’s what will be in my HHJ (healthier Hair Journey) challenge this year and from here on out.

Keeping the ends protected is essential for hair health and length retention. I’m protecting my hair for 5-6 days out of the week, then if I have somewhere special to go I will style with something fun, if not it will remain in the protective style of my choosing. Don’t for get to rock satin/silk scarf, satin/silk bonnet or sleeping on a satin/silk pillow case prevents dryness in the hair. If he or she loves/likes you that much then they would care that you care to wake up with luscious hair on you head. You can’t have it all, either you choose to sleep pretty and be bald and stressed or sleep protected and then he or she can run their hand in your beautiful hair in the am. Cotton suck the moisture out of the hair.

3. Low ManipulationLeave it hair alone!

THIS IS SO TRUE. just do it and you will see what happens if you don’t want to take my word for it.

Put down the comb, flat-iron, blow dryer,  also stop trying so many products at the same time just because your favorite YouTubers are using it and just let your hair be. the saying “LESS is MORE” applies to this very notion. When you don’t succumb to hand in hair syndrome (which I have been guilty of in the beginning of my journey), things will soar and you won’t know what to do with all that you have gained and attained.

Try finger combing, that way you don’t lose hair unnecessarily, (this is part of my current regimen). But, if you need to detangle, use a wide tooth shower comb to do so, but finger detangle first. There should be no need to detangle often, no matter what method (Curly Girl, Tightly Coily, etc), you choose to follow.  Again opt for styles that require no heat i.e. buns, braid outs, twist outs etc. You have to give to get.

That’s all I have for now if there is more, then I will surely be back and share it with you all. If you think there are other key things  during a healthy hair journey or in general feel free to share I’m all ears.

Love cay ferg

00 Seven

I know it’s Christmas Day but per usual I can’t get New Years off my mind. I’ve secretly wanted to dress in a tux to ring in NYE, but I have yet to do. Maybe 2013? I’m still thinking of what I may do to ring in the luck and unlucky for some number 13.

00 Seven
00 Seven by cferg featuring chanel

Mango tux jacket
$115 –

Acne tux pants

Princesse tam tam lingerie bra
$52 –

Christian louboutin shoes

Enamel bangle

Silver bangle bracelet
$40 –

$555 –

Chanel lip makeup

Do you already know what you’re doing for NYE? Tell me I’d love to know.

Love, cayferg

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White bodycon dress
$32 –

Religion Clothing biker jacket
$610 –

Christian Louboutin suede pumps

Adjustable ring
$10 –

$39 –

False eyelash


What more is there to say. Refine makes super fine. I’m crushing on the lipstick and it is definitely on my must have list, especially for me not being in to make up so much, (more so because I don’t think I know I’m doing, but that’s another story for another day), I love the way it looks on others and I think it will be the red for me.

Does anyone have it? If so how do you like it?

Love, cayferg

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