Aroma What?!

Aroma What?!

I can’t freaking’ believe it, my favorite die-hard staple beauty products for my body are finally on sale at Bath and Body Works (BBW), TODAY and it’s for one day only. Come on, you’re killing me BBW. The aromatherapy scents available vary from lavender vanilla to orange ginger and eucalyptus basil and many more in between.

Of all the aromatherapy lines, I can bask in the scent of black currant vanilla all day, every day, and NEVER get tired of it. It gets my senses high and the sugar scrub is amazing especially in the summer months.

Think about it, if you could smell sexuality and sensuality, the black currant vanilla line would be it. So you guys better get online quick the day is almost over.

Happy April 1st !


Fight the Fall


The weather is getting cooler, which means its time to think change my hair care routine, meaning more moisture and protecting my ends from the elements. I don’t know about you all but last winter was a bit rough on my locks. It seemed like no matter what I did, my strands and I struggled. This time around I better prepared and have a plan in place.


Here’s a 3 major steps, I have in mind:

1. Hold My end up.

With all the different fabric, and cool fashion, they can be detrimental to my strands mostly the ends, and I do not want any undesired breakage, just because I didn’t take the time to put my hair up more than I wear it down. Buns and halo twists, and going to be my new bff.

2. Sealing those ends.

This summer I will honestly admit that I have not been moisturizing and sealing my ends as I should. Shame on me, seriously. Plan of action I have a wash regimen that I’m toying with and I will moisturize and seal every other day or as needed post wash day until the next wash day. Castor oil I will be giving you another shot, and I’m thinking of purchasing some raw shea butter, it’s just a though.

3. Pre-poo Treatment.

Now I don’t shampoo my hair often if at all, as long as I don’t mix two products that don’t get along. But I will “pre-condition” my hair with coconut oil and maybe some grapeseed oil and olive oil before co washing and deep conditioning. I know it sounds like an extra process but it’s really not, plus the added benefits of using these oils makes it all worth the time.

Again these are just a few major points I slacked off with last year and I vow to do better this year.


Love Cay Ferg

Dear Summer,

Dear Summer

“Dear Summer,
Please help me and treat my locks right, don’t dry them out too much and please avoid giving me volume when I’m not in need of it.
Thanks xoxo!”

So the summer season is in full effect. Every week it’s getting warmer and warmer. For a few weeks now I’ve been experimenting with a new hair routine, including products that I’ve come to love. I’m hoping this routine will stick around for the long haul, not just the summer. Be on the look out, for a detailed post about my new routine and the products I’ve been using at a later date.


I would like to see your summer hair, use the hashtag above.

Love, Cay Ferg

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Summer Arsenal

Summer Arsenal

1. F21 Sunglasses  |  2. F21 Tote Bag  |  3. F21 Hat  | 4. Bath & Body Works Body Sugar Scrub

This is what my summer is made of. I’ve been protecting my eyes and my hair, all the while smelling like a margarita and carrying it all around.

I know sunscreen should be on the list but I have yet to find one worth mentioning, but when I do, I will post all about it.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Cay Ferg

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Neo Neon


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New season. New polish.


If you don’t already know I’m a bit of a nail polish hoarder. Remind me to show you my collection in the very near future. I will admit I dont have any essie polishes, (hangs head low), I know, I know, what’s my problem right?! Welp folks, I’m sorry not sorry, that it’s a bit pricey for me. Seriously! For the price of one essie polish bottle I can get about FOUR bottles of several other brands that are less than two bucks! I have yet to find a justification for opening thee wallet and forking over the cash. I’m not cheap just conservative.

These colors are enticing I have to say.


One of these days I will “treat” myself to a bottle of essie. I promise. But until then I’ll stick with getting the essie experience via a pro mani and pedi.

What essie polishes do you own?

Love, Cay Ferg

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2014 Travel

2014 Travel

I feel like this is the year for so many great things to happen, especially traveling. I know so many people all over the states that I’m planning to visit and there a few places that I just want to visit. So here’s a few things i think are essential to traveling, be it plane, train or automobile. YOU DECIDE!

left to right:
1. Tunes had to be the first thing on this list. I don’t know about you but music just makes everything better. Frends Headphones

2. Now, if you don’t know me I’m a fan of electronics. For those who like to read on trips, or movie watcher, like myself. This gadget would be perfect. It’s small and gets the job done. Apple iPad Mini

3. With all this technology packed you have to grab this guy. The worst is when you battery is about to die or dies right in the middle of something. Purchase and Pack THIS!! Anker USB Charger

4. I don’t know about you all but I’m snacker. I love to find a snack that will hit the spot and taste amazing. This bar is just that. It comes in a variety of flavors. Clif Bar

5. Being well rested is so important. I mean so important that it can change the whole mood of your trip. Get some ZZzzzs!! Eye Mask

6. My feet are always cold. Period. This is PACKED! [at least 3 pair, lol its just me] Socks

7. I hate it when ‘m sleeping so soundly and then I get a pain in my neck of back. I will admit I do not own one of these as of yet, but I will be investing in one. Neck Pillow

8. It can get chilly so make sure you pack a light but warm sweater or cardigan. Monki Sweater

Are you going anywhere this year?

Love, Cay Ferg

Obsession| Girl Crush

Man it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these post. But I have something great for you guys!

This girl has spunk and she is gorgeous. You Ready?!


Her name is Ashley Moore.


Standing 5’8 tall, better know to have collaborated with A$AP Rocky. She’s an American model, haled from North Carolina.


Her look is unique and her hair is many naturals dream, including me! Ashley Moore is this month’s Girl Crush.

Ashley Moore on INSTAGRAM

Love, Cay Ferg