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Hey Guys!

This week another great holiday is coming up, I thought I’d share a few of my top picks to make the day go smooth and for me to stay cool.

4th of July Pick's

1. All Stars & Stripes Crop / 2. Picnic Basket / 3. Red Polka Dot Dress / 4. Super Sunglasses/ 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Star Studs  / 6. H & M Cut Off Shorts / 7. Saint Laurent Leather Duffle / 8. Ankle Strap Sandals

What do you have planned for the 4th?

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Happy Monday!

Cay Ferg

Hump Day Inspiration: Tides of Change

Do you remember The Diary of Anne Frank or Ernest Hemingway books. How about Alfred Hitchcock? Walt Disney presents Dumbo, Fantasia, Pinocchio and Bambi, (man, that movie is a classic). The 1940s.

I love this era. Yes, it’s the end of the 1930s and everyone is climbing out of the great depression; there’s more restrictions than ever before, but there’s also a ton more creative juices flowing when it comes to fashion. A-Line dresses and skirt, the mixing and matching of separates, DIY accessories made their wardrobes seem diverse. Shoes were a whole other story.

Back to work ladies! Yup. We had to get back into the work force during this time. And to work we need the right shoes. During the early part of the decade shoes were very expensive, so to compensate for that shoes had to be simplified, yet durable. We welcome the Mary Janes, Wedgies, Peep Toes and heeled Oxfords.

Below are sample clothing prices of the 1940s:

  • Simulated Leather Handbags $2.98 California 1944
  • Mens raincoats $7.99 South Carolina 1949
  • Mens Sweat Shirt $1.14 South Carolina 1942
  • Mens Gaberdine Slacks $4.95 Ohio 1945
  • Nylon Hose $1.65 New York 1947
  • Ladies Sandal $6.95 New York 1948
  • Girls Blouses $2.95 Wisconsin 1948
  • Ladies Bra From $1.25 Wisconsin 1948
  • Ladies Gloves $1.99 Wisconsin 1948
  • Mens heavy duty Work Shoes $3.95 Wisconsin 1946
  • Mens and Ladies House Slippers 95 cents Wisconsin 1946
  • Cap & mitten sets, $1.48 New Jersey 1946
  • Men’s shirt, $3.70 New Jersey 1946
  • Men’s slippers, $1.98 New Jersey 1946
  • Women’s skirt, wool $5.40 New Jersey 1946
  • Woman’s suit, wool $21.00 New Jersey 1946

Can you imagine paying theses kinds prices for clothes now? I don’t know about you but my closet would be.. well lets just say I’d need a whole bedroom to converted into a closet, haha.

Now I don’t want to just talk about the women, because the men of this time that didn’t go off to war, looked quiet dapper as well. Their clothes exuded class, elegance and luxury, with the long tailor suits and hand painted ties in array of colour, textures and textiles.

Skin is in!

Working, an tattoos and Pin Ups…Oh MY!

What’s your favorite era, decade, time period?

– vederti