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If you are over the age of 65, under 65 but have a specific disability or permanent kidney failure and have been a legal us citizen for at least 5 years, then you are eligible for medicare. Medicare has come as a product of a law passed by Congress in 1965. Since it is a federal program you are required to contribute to medicare through your paychecks during your working years, you will also discover that the guidelines for eligible are similar from state to state.

Medicare consists of two parts:

Medicare Part A – If you are a patient in a hospital, nursing home or hospice this is the part that helps cover the cost. It also covers care in your home under certain conditions. Because this was paid through taxes, that you paid while working, many do not need to contribute this part.

Medicare Part B – This helps to pay for doctors services and outpatient care that is medically necessary. It pays for preventative services like the flu shot and for some services to keep illnesses from worsening. In 2008, the standard monthly premium was $96.40.

During the first seven months after your 65th birthday, medicare enrollment is free. Individuals covered by medicare as called beneficiaries and will have help paying for most of their medical needs. Medicare does not cover care given at home, or in a nursing facility, for those with recurring disability or longtime illness.

Advantage Plans, provided by medicare, are customized plans to fit medical needs. Some of these plans are covered by private insurance companies and offer prescription programs. Details of the Advantage Plan depend on the certain program chosen and the eligibility of the patient. Advantage Plans are not available in every state.

Signing up for Medicare is very simple, but there are different plans and enrollment periods. If you are receiving Social Security benefits before you turn 65, you will be enrolled in Part A and Part B automatically the month you turn 65. You will receive your Medicare card in the mail three months before your birthday.

When it comes to health, you should always give the most of what you can and what you can afford. Of course, when it comes to reality, this is not as easy at it sounds. With the increasingly difficult times, you get to scratch off other needs just because of the fact that you cannot afford them. When it comes to health insurance and health insurance costs, you need to know more in order to get the most what you can afford.

Because of Medicare health insurance, seniors are given more in terms of health and safety but you should know more about it in order to maximize what you should be getting. Here are a few important points about Medicare health insurance that you should know. Study them so you can determine which one or which combination is best for you or for a loved one.

Medicare is divided into categories. Know about each one and how it can help you or someone you love:

Part A – Hospital Insurance

Most senior citizens do not have to pay for premiums for this category. This category covers hospital bills.

Part B – Medical Insurance

This category is usually utilized to cover for the expenses that are not included in the hospital insurance category. Senior citizens usually pay premiums but most are taken out of social security checks.

Part C – Medicare Advantage Plans

This category is mainly taken from private insurers. This means that you or a loved one is still a Medicare beneficiary but this can be acquired with additional premium payment.

Part D – Prescription Drug Coverage

For this category, you have to pay additional premiums, but for most seniors, taxes help pay for this coverage. This is used for prescription drug payments.

Medicare Gap or Medicare Supplements

This type of coverage is used as a supplemental insurance for those who use Part A or part B. Premiums have to be paid but can be used for any gaps not covered by the original insurance policy.



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