Currently Coveted #1


You ever want something so badly that you can taste it? Well that’s how I’m feeling about my currently coveted items. They are great staple pieces to build on any transitioning wardrobe. It’s been so long since I’ve had a good shopping session, so I’m starting off simple with a warm and long coat for when the weather cools down, comfy boots to kick around in, even a little something dandy and feminine to where around the house after a long day. As I’ve said in previous post, I don’t believe in one tried and true place to get all of you fashion necessities and desires, so shop around you never know what might tickle you fancy and make on you coveted list. Stay tuned for more coveted posts coming.

Currently Coveted: Coat | Hat |Sweater (soldout)| Bra & Panty |Bag | Boots


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