NEW “SERIES” | Hash It Out

SO… It seems as though I post more on my instagram then anywhere else at the moment and with the many things I have going on inside and outside of my brain, I thought it would be fun to inject a new “series” in the mix.


These are the hash tags of the day that will be used for each day. You can post a photo or comment on what comes to mind when you see the hash tag for that particular day and as ALWAYS you are more than welcome to ask me a question within the context of the hash tag of the day.

I think this will be fun and a better way for me to get to know you and vice versa. Today is #missionmonday, so share a mission that you’re on or that you’re about to start or that you just completed. Heaven knows I’m on a few missions right now. Go to my INSTAGRAM for the latest one!


Use the hash tag of today and hash tag #nrja so I can see you post via, instagram, Facebook, twitter or  google.

Love, Cay Ferg


Raw Dinner


I’m such a stickler for the simple things in life. Food has played such a major role in my life growing up and still does today. I’m a fan my many different cuisines and I’m not a picky eater, if it won’t kill me in down to try it once.

#fun fact : I’m not allergic to anything!!!! Whoop whoop! 😀

If you’re new to the blog, let me just warn you now that I love food and remind you that this is a personal style and lifestyle blog. At random times I’ll post something about food or something more random than that.

You have been warned!! Lol.

The picture above is from the last and most recent sushi session my big sissy and I did. By the way sis I’m craving another meet-up before the end of the year.

Thank you guys for subscribing and following. I know this post is impromptu and random, but sincerely THANKS!!

Until next post.
Love, Cay Ferg

Keep In Touch

The weekend is here! So here’s how you can keep up with me by clicking and following any one of the links below:

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You want to have a random conversation?! Just message me, post on my wall, tweet me, post a photo and tag me @lovecayferg.

Otherwise stay fresh with no regrets and have a great weekend!!

Love, Cay Ferg

Bean Bowl

No Rice.

Hey, hey! Here’s another amazing dish I created. I’ve been having a load of fun experimenting with the different types of tofu. I made this last week as well. Fulfilling dinner, to say the least.



1. Quinoa
2. Firm Tofu
3. Black Bean
4. Chopped Asparagus
5. Sriracha

Seasonings of choice, Mrs. Dash and black pepper only. Sorry, I did mark down exact measurement on seasoning and such.

This was delicious.Let me just say, Sriracha is a the BEST HOT SAUCE to date for me. It gives me all that I want and more when it comes to spice. If anyone knows of another that’s better, tell me, I’m will to try it.

What’s a good rice and pasta substitute besides Quinoa?

Love, Cay Ferg

In a Box

Ding Dong.

Morning Folks! I know we’re all familiar with all the sample box subscriptions that are out there, like CurlBox, Sample Society from, Glossy Box, there’s even a Bark Box for your dog; YES! I said it your dog!

Knowing all this I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a Nature Box. Yup, chock full of healthy nutrient rich snacks and food products to try.

Now since I’m on this healthy cleaning eating kick. I’m honestly considering trying the box out, driven by pure curiosity. The box is roughly 19.95 per month which includes shipping and everything is delivered to my front door. There’s no minimum number of orders and it can be cancelled at anytime.

What do you think? To box or not to box?

Love, Cay Ferg